How to Gamca Medical Appointment 2023

GAMCA Medical 2023: A Guide for Medical Test for Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Visa

GAMCA medical program

Please be aware that the GAMCA software is now officially known as the Wafid application. The GAMCA website is now not in provider and you may discover the brand new website at

The GAMCA clinical is a program hooked up by means of GCC nations to ensure that each one individuals immigrating to these center jap nations are in correct health prior to entering the workforce.

Nations under the GAMCA clinical program

Nationals of the following countries are required to partake within the GAMCA scientific software to reap their work visa.

•              Bangladesh

•              Egypt

•              Ethiopia

•              Ghana

•              India

•              Indonesia

•              Jordan

•              Kenya

•              Lebanon

•              Mali

•              Morocco

•              Nepal

•              Niger

•              Pakistan

•              Philippines

•              Sri Lanka

•              Sudan

•              Tanzania

•              Thailand

•              Turkey

•              Uganda

GAMCA Center Locations

You may discover your nearest GAMCA middle by means of accessing Wafid’s medical middle list. Definitely offer your united states of america and metropolis of house, and you may be directed to the closest GAMCA medical middle.

GAMCA medical test procedures

Before you could begin your new activity in a GCC united states, you’ll need to go through a comprehensive scientific exam with the Gulf authorised clinical facilities association (GAMCA). The exam will cover a diffusion of additives such as an intensive physical exam, laboratory exams, and an evaluation of your scientific history. Depending to your person fitness desires, extra exams may also be required.

Some of the strategies consist of imparting a urine sample and undergoing a chest X-ray. Moreover, you’ll want to complete a health questionnaire that covers your general fitness, weight, height, and blood pressure. The medical doctor can even conduct a radical exam of your eyes, ears, nostril, and throat, as well as a dental exam.

The laboratory checks will include an analysis of your blood and urine, and in some instances, a stool pattern will also be required. Your clinical records might be evaluated, and questions can be asked about any current or past health conditions and any medicines that you are currently taking.

Gamca Appointment and booking

To To set up an appointment for your GAMCA medical take a look at, please seek advice from the subsequent:

1. Visit the official Wafid appointment page
2. Click book appointment
3. Enter the your personal information in the online form
4. Enter submit at the bottom of the form
5. Enter credit card payment details
6. Click to pay
7. Check your email for a confirmation

Please word that the internet site permits the applicant to e-book GAMCA medical in all international locations below this system, together with Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, and others. Contributors are required to pay the fees via the usage of a credit card.

Required documents

You ought to prepare the following files when you sign up for the scientific test-up:

• a passport must valid for 6 months
• four passport-sized photographs
• original visa (Kuwait)
• Gamca Registration Slip
• Second Dose Vaccination Certificate

Medical Cost

The cost of GAMCA medical tests varies from countries to countries. Here are the prices are listed mentioned below:
• GAMCA medical service in Pakistan- PKR 9,300 + + Gamca Registration Fees
• GAMCA medical service in India- INR 5,500 + Gamca Registration Fees for Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and UAE, and INR 6,000 for Saudi Arabia + Gamca Registration Fees
• GAMCA medical service in Bangladesh- TK 5,300 + + Gamca Registration Fees

GAMCA medical status check

Applicants who have completed the medical check-up and payment will able to check the medical test result both online and offline.

Online status check

How to check Medical Examinations Result, follow the steps given below:

  • visit the Wafid online portal
  • enter the your passport number and nationality
  • enter the captcha accurately
  • click on ‘Check’, and you will get view the status of your medical test report online

Offline status check

Alternatively, you can check the medical result by visiting one of the GAMCA offices. Provide your name, passport number, and the medical test date to get your result printed by the GAMCA staff and given to you.

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